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Emergency Plumbing Services in New Jersey

emergency plumbing servicesYou’re not sure how it happened. One of your pipes is busted, and it sprayed water all over the place. Your New Jersey emergency plumber hopes that you found your main pipeline valve and could switch it to the “off” position.

Either way, contact us immediately and will guide you on what to do if water is still gushing out from your pipes, and we will arrive right now or within a few hours depending how severe the problem is.

In the meantime, we encourage you to remain as calm as you can. Not all drain problems are your fault, just so you know. Sometimes it happens. A small problem causes worse ones because your water pipes are a labyrinth of tubes and chambers and grooves that work independently but still connect to one another.

If you take stock of your piping paths, future maintenance appointments will take less effort. There’s no time to dwell on that right now, however. It’s time to make the water stop running and causing a wet disaster, or at the very least, you need to stop all leaks.

Your Certified Drain & Sewer company performs all types of emergency plumbing repairs, and we serve single-family homes, multi-level residential complexes, and block-long commercial structures. No matter the industry or housing type, we’re here for you.

Emergency Drain Cleaning or Unclogging

Drain Cleaning & Unclogging in NJ

If you have plumbing repairs that can’t wait until tomorrow or the next day, we urge you to call for help. When we come to unclog your system, you can also request that we inspect your water heater, main water lines, and crawl space drains. Any issue you think would call for emergency drain cleaning or unclogging would be priority. Then, we give you tips on how to prevent problems in the future or provide replacement parts referrals.

sewer cleaning & unclogging in Essex County NJEmergency Sewer Cleaning or Unclogging

Perhaps you already tried to perform sewer cleaning or unclogging repairs yourself, but you found out how dangerous as well as time-consuming the process can be. Unless you’re a licensed plumber, we encourage you not to try major fixes that require the years of experience our NJ technicians have. We address all water main, drain and sewage issues from inside your house, to across your yard, and to your curb drain. If you see no leaking but you have low water pressure, that’s reason enough to seek assistance with fixing your sewage system.

Pipe Leaks

Pipe leak repair or replacement in NJIf you have pipe leaks, seek help straightaway. When one of our licensed plumbers performs fixes on pipes where water shouldn’t be dripping or running, that qualified technician also alerts you of other problems within your plumbing system. It would probably only take about an hour or less to pinpoint all problems no matter how minor or severe. Your New Jersey plumbing specialist offers repairs to all commercial and residential indoor and outdoor pipes and sewer lines, and we tend to sump pumps.

emergency plumber in NJClogged Toilet

You can use a toilet snake to correct some clogging issues. However, some consumer snakes don’t work as well as the automated ones we have, and we can also find origins of your toilet pipe problems further down your water lines. When we come to unclog your commode, we provide suggestion if further action is necessary to restore your bathroom plumbing system. Don’t delay seeking help for your commercial and residential restroom plumbing issues.

Frozen Pipes Repair

Anytime the temperature drops below 32 degrees, it increases the chance that your pipes will freeze. Frigid air making contact with leaking water lines compounds the problem. Seek help immediately if water won’t flow through your pipes and contact us right now if water that has leaked from the connecting joints has now turned to ice. We provide prompt service to businesses and homes requiring urgent frozen pipes repair.

sewage backup in pipeSewage Backups & Sewer Line Issues

If you have sewage backup struggles, someone from our certified plumbing team will visit your home or business and determine the cause and repair it. Our professional team addresses all sewer line difficulties including clogged pipes and toilets, broken sink and bathtub faucets, and blocked shower drains. We’ll even help you restore your garbage disposal if it breaks or refer you to qualified parts dealers. You especially need help with your sewer and water lines both indoors and outdoors if you notice pungent odors or weakened water pressure – or no water flow at all.

Emergency Plumbing Leaksemergency plumber in NJ

You can’t wait too long between drain cleanings, or you will end up with pipe blockage, and that causes pressures that leads to pipeline weakening. However, it’s not too late. A licensed plumber can still help you. If you need emergency plumbing leak repair, request help before the problem becomes more severe and costs you additional time, stress and money. We respond to both commercial and residential calls in New Jersey.

sewer repair servicesMain Sewer Line Repair

You can’t minimize the effects that a clogged sewer line can have. Our trained, experienced technicians have the inspection, cleaning and repair equipment necessary to determine origin of issues and providing effective, efficient corrective action. We fix both minor and major sewer line problems, and we help you decide if you need sump pump repair and cleaning or a replacement. The expert staff we assign to your New Jersey business or home is ready to respond to your emergency plumbing leaks 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Emergency Basement Leak Repairbasement leak plumbing

Basement leaks occur for a number of reasons. For instance, clogs sometimes develop in the washer hoses, or you have a clogged floor drain that imposes pressure on your pipes causing them to rupture and loosen at the seams and joints. Regardless of the leaking cause, we will identify the complication source and restore your water pipes functionality, and in doing so, we also will reduce your stress levels.

clogged bathtub drain lineEmergency Drain Repair

Drain clogs caused by hair, food, dirt and grease entering the pipes happen often. You can’t always fix the problem yourself with a liquid drain cleaner, plunger or wet vacuum cleaner. If you tried a few tricks you read online somewhere, and they didn’t work, we suggest you call our certified plumbing team, especially if it’s an emergency. Don’t even waste time reading this, unless you already called us.

While you wait for us to arrive, we hope that you feel calmer now knowing that our experts have special inspection tools we insert into your pipes before we unclog the drains. In some instances, trying to remove drain blockages without professional guidance could make the problem worse. For example, too much liquid plumbing chemicals could cause pipe corrosion that eventually leads to leaks. We advise you not to hesitate to ask for help.

Emergency Sump Pump Repairsump pump repair & replacement nj

Anytime you try to fix sump pumps on your own with no professional assistance, you risk making mistakes that will cost you more time and money than they would now. A plumber can help you fix any sump pump malfunctions more efficiently than you because we have equipment and knowledge you might not have. In addition, we can help you save on your water bill when you finally decide to have your sump pump repaired.

commercial plumbing servicesEmergency Commercial Plumbing Services

Our Certified Sewer & Drain specialists have the equipment designed to efficiently correct your clogged commercial plumbing regions. After we arrive and conduct a careful inspection, we take corrective action. When we’re finished, your customers and employees will be able to use the sinks and toilets again. The same applies to floor drains and outside sewage lines and storm or roof drains, and our commercial plumbing services will prevent greater repairs that cost you money and time usually better spent serving your customers.

Emergency Residential Plumbing Services

Your Certified Sewer & Drain specialists will help you repair your hot water heaters, main plumbing lines, and sump pumps, and we also fix clogged pipes. If you need emergency residential plumbing services, don’t hesitation to ask for help today. We also address other issues inside, outdoors, and on the room.


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