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Emergency Plumber Essex County NJ

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Emergency Plumbing Services in Essex County, NJ

emergency plumbing servicesCircumstances happen. Then, you think life is back to normal, but is it ever normal? Now, you suddenly need an emergency plumber in Essex County, NJ. It’s as if you don’t have enough problems, right? However, faulty pipes, leaking faucets, or overflowing toilets occur even if you use precautions.

Plumbing problems often result from gradual dust build-up, or they can originate from not using your sink strainer. Maybe you accidentally dropped an item that doesn’t belong in a toilet bowl. It doesn’t have to be yours or anyone else’s fault, however. It could be an unexpected tornado, or maybe a fire damaged your pipes.

Wear and tear also could be a reason you need emergency plumber repair service. Don’t delay calling your Certified Sewer & Drain specialists today.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Even if you need emergency plumbing services, it’s still not too late to correct the situation before it causes structure damage, results in mold growth, or reduces your air quality. Our licensed plumbing staff provides all plumbing services, and we respond fast 24 hours a day.

We conduct repairs inside and outside private homes, rental properties, commercial offices and industrial plants, restaurants, retirement homes and tourist destinations. Any resident or business that needs emergency plumbing services in Essex County can count on Certified Sewer & Drain.

Drain Cleaning & Unclogging in NJ

Emergency Drain Cleaning or Unclogging

Imagine going days without using your sink or not being able to flush the toilet. If you have a headache or feel nauseous, and you have mold, mildew or bacteria buildup because of prolonged plumbing issues, it’s time to take action. However, you also might have experiences you don’t expect.

You don’t have any control over the weather, especially if you live in an area prone to high windstorms or droughts. Usually, NJ has more concerns about the storms versus the possible dry weather causing fires, but you never know. No matter how your drain blockages, slow leaks or rupturing pipes occurred, it’s time to fix them. That’s what you need to focus on right now. We’re here to help as soon as you’re ready for us.

sewer cleaning & unclogging in Essex County NJ

Emergency Sewer Cleaning or Unclogging

Sometimes, you don’t realize the impact of slow drainage or perpetual leaks. Eventually, if neglected for too long, it leads to sewage and sump pump backup. If you need help, don’t hesitate to request emergency sewer and cleaning or unclogging services immediately.

We will arrive as fast as we can because we know the consequences of not tending to sewage clogs, backups and eruptions. Our certified experts can save you hundreds – if not thousands — of dollars in home or business repairs if we fix the problem now.

Pipe leak repair or replacement in NJ

Pipe Leaks

Sometimes, rusting causes pipe leaks in metal plumbing lines. We can assess the condition of these pipes when we arrive, but we will tend to urgent repairs first. In some cases, we might recommend that you place it with PVC pipes, but it depends on the situation. If it’s an emergency, we do respond as soon as possible – in a few hours or less is our goal.

emergency plumber in NJ

Clogged Toilet

Besides a dirty bathtub or sewage backup, clogged toilets sometimes cause the worst of all contaminated messes when they overflow. The odor speaks for itself, and breathing the unclean water could make people sick. Don’t procrastinate tending to your clogged toilet. If you do, there could come a time when you can’t use it at all and will have to find a convenience store bathroom – if one is even available near you.

Frozen Pipes Repair

Frozen pipes are among the most dangerous types of plumbing problems to ignore. If the water turns to ice, you can’t drink it, cook with it, or bathe with it. You would have to live off bottled water for a while, which maybe you do for drinking but probably not for cleaning or showering.

The pipes usually freeze first before the water does. However, you might notice that no water will dispense from your faucet, or if it does, it comes out slow. Sometimes, this signifies a blockage, but it could also be frozen plumbing. Please request repair for your frozen pipes as soon as possible.

sewage backup in pipe

Sewage Backups & Sewer Line Issues

This is not a competition to see who has the worst plumbing problems, but sewage backups cause interruptions both inside and outside your property. Worse yet, they could cause problems for your neighbor’s storm drains. It’s not just about you in most cases unless you live in the middle of nowhere. Even in that case, as long as you are in Essex County, your Certified Sewer & Drains specialists will help you.

emergency plumber in NJ

Emergency Plumbing Leaks

Maybe for a long time you put up with minor leaks. They didn’t seem like that huge of a priority. Therefore, you decided not to bother calling anyone to fix it. Then, today, you maybe woke up to or came home to a sloppy, wet mess. One day, water might spray all over your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or even outside. No matter how minor or how severe the problem is, request emergency plumbing leak service before it’s too late. The same warnings apply to commercial property.

sewer repair services

Main Sewer Line Repair

Your main sewer line connects to every water pipe in your house. If you have problems with your main sewer line, don’t delay making a call about it. Otherwise, the backup could become worse and contaminate your air and ground, and the problem might not remain isolated to just your property. If you have leaking faucets or your floor drains are clogged, this could be a sign of a larger problem that needs immediate attention.

basement leak plumbing

Emergency Basement Leak Repair

Basement leaks cause all types of problems because the ground floor of your home is a moisture trap. Not tending to basement leaks could cause mold, mildew, fungi to grow, and it might become a cesspool for bacteria or viruses that could infect the air you breathe and make people in your home sick. It’s also time to fix your leaks at your business before the health department shows up and gives you huge fines.

clogged bathtub drain line

Emergency Drain Repair

Essex County homeowners and companies cannot afford much downtime. If you don’t fix your drain problems now, they could cause major sewage, sump pump and storm drain back up. The need for emergency repair could even be a reason your basement is flooding – not rainwater seeping in from your windows. If you suspect even just a little that you have plumbing problems, please consult a certified drain repair specialist today. For the health and safety of everyone on your property, you owe it to yourself and them to get emergency drain repair.

sump pump repair & replacement nj

Emergency Sump Pump Repair

Every home has at least one, and commercial properties often have several. Make sure you know the location of all of them when you acquire property. This will matter if you ever need emergency sump pump repair. Take precautions against needing a new sump pump in the first place. For instance, you can use less paper product in your bathroom, and install a more effective strainer for your bathtub to catch hair strands.

All the action you take to avoid needing sump pump repair, however, won’t matter if it’s just time to replace it. Have someone inspect it today to make sure it’s in top working order.

commercial plumbing services

Emergency Commercial Plumbing Services

You probably have heard the saying that “time is money.” So cheesy it is, right? However, this cliché covers the reason why you need regular plumbing maintenance on your business property. However, situations arise even if you and your guests, customers and associates are all careful.

Accidents happen, and so does gradual wear and tear. Dust buildup, pollen accumulation and spills sometimes all contribute to pipe problems. Bursting or freezing might also be issues, and we want to help you before problems become serious. Either way, we urge you to seek commercial plumbing services, especially if water and sludge is everywhere.

Emergency Residential Plumbing Services

Imagine this scenario: You had a bad day at work as it is with your boss rushing you to finish projects on time. Now, you come up to a drenched kitchen. Worse yet, maybe your toilet’s also overflown, and all you can think about is holding your crying baby and make it all go away. Babies are cute, but you’re going to still need emergency residential plumbing services to deal with the problem.

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