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Emergency Plumbing Repair

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Emergency Plumbing Repair Services in New Jersey

emergency plumber in NJClogged drains and leaking pipes are some of our most common repairs that make homeowners and business owners panic. New Jersey has a solution for you. We’re your certified sewer and drain specialists.

We stand by every single day in the middle of the night and all year round because we know that urgent matters don’t pick a day in advance to happen. Sometimes, you need plumbing repair services in Bergen, Passaic, Essex or Hudson County immediately.

Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Just for You

If it’s an emergency, please stop what you’re doing and call us right now. Otherwise, feel free to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance. If you have a plumbing crisis, know that we are here for you. We promptly respond to situations that caused broken pipes and clogs.

Additionally, we examine cases when tree roots might have interfered with your pipelines, water heater or sump pump. Whatever the instance, we start with addressing immediate problems and investigating ways to provide you the most efficient, eco-friendly emergency plumber repair service possible.

commercial plumbing servicesCommercial Plumbing Repair Services

It’s unfortunate enough to have residential plumbing problems. It becomes worse when it’s your income and your place of employment and where you earn your money to live and take care of your family — or invest in your retirement fund or your children’s college funds. You don’t want to have to use up all the money you already earned on disastrous situations that you can control with regular commercial property maintenance.

Before we perform any commercial plumbing services on your property, we will inspect it. When we inspect, we use the most noninvasive solution possible. For instance, we might administer a dye or camera test.

residential plumbing servicesResidential Plumbing Repair Services

We provide a range of residential plumbing services. It includes inspections of newly constructed homes. However, we will also come and look at problems in your existing home. For instance, we’ll clean and seal pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting, fix leaking toilet pipes and defective faucets, and unclog your drains.

pipe repair & Replacement plumberPipe Repair & Replacement

If your time has come to schedule a routine checkup of your pipes, we will survey every inch of your property for signs that you need pipe repair and replacement. You might see us in your commercial boiler room and in your home basement, and we will test every floor of your building where you have a sink, toilet or shower. No matter what kind of property you have in New Jersey, we help maintain your pipes and make sure they work or offer you additional repair and replacement recommendations.

By the way, some causes of broken pipes include when sediment, debris and objects that are too heavy for your pipelines makes your pipes bend so much that they break. We’ll help you decide what the best solution is.

Pipe leak repair or replacement in NJEmergency Pipe Leak Repair or Replacement

A small leak can progress to a larger one, so we recommend that you fix it right away. If the occasional drips already developed to gushing water from your pipes or continuous streams dispensing from your faucet, don’t wait to seek help. We’ll respond promptly and tend to immediate problems and suggest future maintenance plans.

Certified Sewer & Drain in NJMain Sewer Line Unclogging, Cleaning & Snaking

If you have an older home, you may need new pipes. However, before we decide to replace them, we will perform some tests to see if there’s any leaks, cracks, or other complications. If your water doesn’t flow as freely as it should, or if the water’s not coming out of your tap at all, we will find the source of the problem.

If you do need parts and replacement, we’ll let you know. We can discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of each piping material if we think you need more than just a cleaning and unclogging. For the time being, we urge you to have the blockages removed as soon as possible, and we will use an electric snake, hydro jetting machine or other tools. Whatever it takes, we’ll make it happen.

Kitchen sink drain cleaning & uncloggingKitchen Sink Drain Cleaning, Unclogging & Snaking

The most common plumbing problems in most people’s homes and businesses are clogged sinks, and you need them for cooking and cleaning. Face it. You can’t live for very long without having kitchen drains and faucets that work. One of the most common methods of removing blockage from kitchen drains is snaking. If that doesn’t work, we do have other options including the hydro jetting method. We’ll discuss all your options upon our first visit with you.

bathroom sink drain cleaning & uncloggingBathroom Sink Drain Cleaning, Unclogging & Snaking

Drains frequently become clogged with hair and soap scum that will cause your bathroom to stink if left untreated. Fortunately, we provide professional drain cleaning services in New Jersey.

You can treat some clogs with various chemicals, but not all liquid or powdered drain cleaners are safe. They could make the problem worse in some cases because, when used too often, can disintegrate your pipe walls. Snaking and removing the blockage manually can reduce the use of chemicals, but some of the consumer snaking devices aren’t strong enough. That’s why we advise that you have a professional take care of the problem.

Drain Cleaning & Unclogging in NJBathtub or Shower Stall Drain Cleaning, Unclogging & Snaking

Nobody wakes up and says they want their sinks, toilets or bathtubs to clog. Worse yet, maybe you didn’t know you didn’t set your faucet all the way to the “off” position. If so, you might have a wet mess on your floor because the sink or shower overflowed. We’ll repair the drain clogs using an electric snake, water jet cleaning, and other professional-grade equipment. We look forward to rehabilitating your bathtub and shower drains.

Sewer Jetting Services in NJHigh Pressure Hydro Jetting for Sewer Line Blockages

Your New Jersey licensed plumbing specialists strive to offer you the most efficient, safest and environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions for our customers. That’s why we offer hydro water jetting services for sewer line blockages whenever possible. When used, this high PSI stream of water pushes through your pipelines and removes stubborn blockages, it also smooths the interior surfaces of your sewage lines. This process prepares your pipes for epoxy treatment, which can keep your system intact for longer and prevent untimely maintenance.

sump pump repair & replacement njSump Pump Repairs & Replacements

When’s the last time you checked your sump pump? Many people don’t even realize how important this part of a plumbing system is. It’s what sifts your wastewater out of your house and sends it to your outside drains. If your sump pump doesn’t work properly, it causes smelly, dangerous sewage backup and your basement will flood.

You might think that just because your drains work now you don’t need to worry about having your sump pump repaired. However, that doesn’t mean your water fixtures will always function the way they should. We urge you to obtain pump maintenance as soon as possible. If you’re worried about the expense, we will find the most reasonable solutions for you on your budget that will extend the life of your current plumbing and sewer system.

basement leak plumbingEmergency Water Leak Repair Plumbing

Even if you’re diligent about keeping your plumbing system clean, we know you can’t avoid natural disasters. If your residential homes or commercial buildings has flooded because of heavy windstorms, snowfall or hail, then you need help from an experienced plumber.

Massive leaks after a major storm usually require the testing, training and repair equipment offered by your NJ professional plumbing team. Emergency leak repair will cost you but will restore your piping system and prevent more expensive damages such as rotting walls or mold.

frozen pipe thawing Frozen or Burst Pipe Repair Services

If your pipes snapped after a cold spell, or if no water dispenses from your faucets, contact us immediately. We want you to have running water again without flooding or damage to your floors, walls and furniture or appliances. Not only that, but we also want to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. Moreover, we can check for other problems such as lower water pressure while we’re at it. We use a variety of diagnostic tools, but one of our favorite is the video camera testing that helps us see deep within your pipes.

toilet repair, installation or replacement plumberToilet Repair, Unclogging or Overflow Stoppage

Neglecting your sewer problems is not only unsanitary, but it also can be dangerous. You can breathe in caustic gases from your wastewater without even realizing it, and it makes your air smell like garbage. We encourage you to have clogs, backups and overflows maintained Immediately.

Your Certified Sewer & Drain provider is still on call in Northern NJ. We’re happy to serve you and want your plumbing system and your life to return to normal.

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