Pipe Repair and Pipe Replacement

Pipe Repair and Pipe Replacement

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Pipe Repair and Pipe Replacement

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Pipe Repair & Pipe Replacement in New Jersey

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Water pipes are the backbone of any home or business. When they break, they can create a huge mess and contaminate your soil and air. So, what do you do if you have a leaky pipe, call a New Jersey plumber, or do you try to fix it yourself?

We can’t make that decision for you, but we can help you decide if you should have our Certified Sewer & Drain team repair or replace your pipes. How about we start with an inspection and work from there? Here’s more information about the kinds of expertise that benefit our customers.

We’ll Fix Leaking Pipes in Your Home or Commercial Facility

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Pipe leaks are a huge headache for any property owner. They can lead to water damage, mold growth and costly repairs. If you have a leak in your plumbing system, it is important that you catch it right away before the problem gets worse.

We provide the tools that detect pipe leak sources. Once we find out what’s causing them, we take the necessary steps to fix all causes of unwanted dripping or running water.

Reasons for Damaged Pipes in Your Business or Home

Pipes become damaged for a variety of reasons. Corrosion and seal damage, high water levels, drastic temperature changes and untreated clogs are among the primary causes. Water freezing and unusual changes in climate, and natural disasters or fires can destroy pipes. Countless businesses and homes in Bergen, Passaic, Essex & Hudson Counties have sought solace in having damaged pipes fixed. You don’t have to live with this problem.

Frozen Pipes Thawing Services

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It’s winter, and it’s cold outside. You perhaps feel cozy inside your home or are busy working and are not thinking about your pipes right now. It might be warm on the ground level, but in your basement, it’s still possible for pipes to freeze. Frozen water trapped in the plumbing can cause pipe bursting, or you won’t be able to tap your water from your faucets.

Our Northern New Jersey Certified Sewer & Drain specialists will show you how to prepare for freezing temperatures so that these expensive problems don’t happen. We also can inspect your pipeline and sewer conditions, and if we notice issues, we’ll recommend further maintenance for your residential or commercial buildings.

Pipe Blockages

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It’s always a big deal when your pipes clog. It can be messy and trying to unclog them can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, you can prevent these problems with just a small amount of maintenance. Your NJ plumbing technicians will inspect your place and what caused the pipe blockages and how you can avoid them in the future.

For instance, we will help you find better ways to dispose unwanted food, grease, and certain paper products or other un-flushable substances that don’t belong in your drains. Our modern inspecting technology can find out most problem sources without altering your ground or property to gain access to pipes.

Root Removal in Your Sewer Pipeline

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It’s not just tree roots that cause sewage problems, but roots of shrubs and other plants near your pipelines contribute to complications. For example, roots can easily grow into cracks or holes of damaged plumbing systems. As roots grow, their pressure causes sewage lines to eventually break apart in sections. If you have leaking anywhere in your house or business, particularly if in the basement, roots could be the cause.

Your NJ plumbing technicians usually start with a camera test to see deep into your sewage system to find complication sources. We’ll work with you to create a plan to correct the problem before it worsens. The solution we recommend depends on how complex the underground root system is.

Off-Grade Pipe

Off-grade pipes are a popular choice for plumbing installations, and it’s because they cost less than other pipe materials. Furthermore, they don’t rust, and they keep out harmful bacteria. Off-grade PVC pipes also have a smooth interior surface, which allows for water to flow freely through them.

Just beware they could sometimes crack and don’t always withstand high temperatures. Still, they are a viable option available to New Jersey residents and businesses. PVC piping comes in different thicknesses, and it can last anywhere from 10-40 years or more.

Bellied Pipe

Some pipes might have intentionally been installed this way. However, it usually is a sign that something’s wrong with your plumbing system. Common causes include poor installation planning during the construction process or natural disasters such as freezing temperatures or an earthquake.

Sometimes, pipes placed in warmer areas of a property exposed to the sun could bow. If you wait to take care of this problem, the pipe could eventually break either on one end or the other or crack in half. Don’t delay maintenance of bowing (a.k.a. bellied) pipes.

Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion is a common problem for many industries. It can lead to significant downtime and affect your bottom line, cause your water to become undrinkable, and weakens your plumbing lines. Drips and running water when not using your faucets are a sign of possible corrosion that already has eroded your pipes.

Fix your worn pipes today and make your business and home plumbing work like new. Chemical drain cleaners and extreme water pressure are some culprits. However, high-alkaline water pH levels can have a negative effect on copper pipes.

Broken, Cracked, Offset or Collapsed Pipes

It is important to understand how pipes work and how to keep them from breaking, cracking, offsetting or collapsing. Contact a Certified Sewer & specialist in Bergen, Hudson, Essex and Passaic County immediately – especially if you can’t figure out how to shut off your water valves in an emergency.

We can make the urgent repairs and use cameras to inspect your pipelines to confirm your sewage system’s condition. If additional repairs are necessary, we’ll walk you through the next steps of maintenance. Underground tree root growth and excess water pressure possibly caused by clogging are two complications that result in damages, and they require immediate attention.

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