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Sewer Repair Services in New Jersey

sewer repair servicesAre you looking for sewer repair services? We are your Certified Drain & sewer plumbing professionals, and we provide all sewer cleaning and unclogging services. This includes removal of blockages from your kitchen, bathroom, basement and landscape drains. This process starts with a sewer camera inspection and other diagnostic tests, which we use to determine sources of problems using modern technology.

If you’re looking for an experienced professional to help fix any problem in the home or business that has anything to do with drainage systems or sewers, then we’re the people to contact. We serve all of Jew Jersey, including Hudson, Passaic, Essex and Bergen Counties.

Even if you don’t think the problem is urgent, we’ll still help. We also welcome scheduled maintenance, which we usually recommend you undergo once a year.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

tree roots in sewer lineWhether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, basement or landscape drains, your preferred New Jersey licensed plumbers can help. Our process starts with a camera inspection and other diagnostic tests to determine sources of problems using modern technology. Then, we perform drain cleaning, pipe lining, trench-less pipe replacement and more. The equipment we use helps us identify problems in hard-to-reach places and even underground without digging.

Common Causes of Sewer or Water Line Issues

A common cause of sewer or water line problems are tree roots that have grown into the pipe and blocked wastewater flow. Incorrectly installed or old pipes, leaking toilets and sinks, and overwhelmed grease traps.

The first cause of sewer problems is a blockage caused by debris, grease buildup, or foreign objects that fell down the drain leading to your sewer pipes. To unblock these sewer lines, you will need to hire a professional plumber who has experience working with sewers and drainage systems.

Emergency Sewer Repairs

Emergency sewer repairs are an unfortunate event, but fortunately, if you contact the right plumbing services, the problem can be resolved with little downtime at your home or business. Our NJ expert plumbers will be there to take care of it for you, and you can call us 24/7 or book with us, so that our team can come and handle this issue. We will expect your entire sewage line, clean up all messes, and take most efficient action plan possible to restore your pipelines and your peace of mind.

Signs You’ve got a Broken Sewer Pipeline

sewer line blockageDoes a pungent odor escape from your drains? Those sewer smells – at least some of the detectable ones from natural gases such as sulkane, methane and hydrogen sulfide normally would be diluted if your pipelines were working. Aside from the stench of garbage, some gaseous odors are not even detectable to humans. Whether a gas you can smell or not, one of the most dangerous signs of a broken sewer lines are these substances traveling through the air.

Other signs of a broken sewer line include low water pressure in one or more taps, rising damp patches on walls or around doors, and high quantities of water used in shore periods. If your toilet or sink runs continuously, that also indicates a problem.

Line Obstruction & Unclogging Your Main Sewer Line

If a sewage backs up, it indicates possible breakage somewhere in the pipeline. This happened for one of several reasons: You tried to snake it with a large hose or other tool too wide for use with your pipes, you left the toilet bowl full of water, or excess pressure from an irrigation system could be one of the reasons. It also could because of too much hair, food, grease or sentiments.

burst pipe line

Leaking Sewer Lines

If you see signs of a broken pipe, call a professional for plumbing services immediately. If you can fine the water valve, shut it off right now if continuously runs from one of your sink faucets. Call us to let us talk you through the valve shutoff process until we arrive. We’ll find out the cause by running some inspections.

Then, we’ll proceed with whatever action you approve of. We make it a point to use the lease intrusive and methods possible, and this includes camera inspections and hydro jetting that doesn’t require digging. We only alter your property with your permission (ex: use chemicals to remove tree roots) if you ask us to.

Sewer Pipe Repair & Sewer Replacement Cost in New Jersey

sewer line replacement servicesNew Jersey plumbing services are available for all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. The more advanced the job, the greater the need for professional plumbers who have been properly trained in complex systems that make up your pipelines and sewer. Sewers can end up being costly, however, delaying repairs will only make them even more expensive. We strive to provide you quality solutions at affordable rates.

Old Pipe Repair or Replacement

The time has come to repair or replace your old, damaged pipes. Plumbing services can help you make the right choice come time to find replacement plumbing parts. Our trained New Jersey staff will be happy to come out to your house or buildings and explore the situation alone with you. If your water is undrinkable, we urge you to consider new installation instead of repairing. However, we might only have to replace sections of the pipes at the joints, but it depends how worn your old pipes are.

Broken or Damaged Clay Pipe Repair & Replacement

Chances of having clay pipes in your home or on your business property increase if the building is more than 100 years old. Believe it or not, they were thought of as being durable and dependable, and they surprisingly still have a favorable price-to-performance ratio, and they don’t rust. Furthermore, they resist absorb less heat than metal pipes and prevent slowing of water flow. The only downside is that they are porous and could crack easily, especially during a severe, violent storm. Your Certified Sewer & Drain specialist will discuss with you all options for repair and replacement when you see us or talk to us the first time.

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair & Replacement

Many homes were built with cast iron pipes before 1970, and these were popular during the 1930s-1940s. Repairs usually consist of either stretching the wall, cutting the pipe, and inserting a coupling sleeves into both ends of the cut; or cutting out sections to create comparable lengths and welding them together to form an “X”. Seams should then be coated.

Replacement options also exist- first replacing deteriorated joints with machined fittings. Then, we replace branch connections with copper piping in PVC trunk lines, for example. Another option is to add polyurethane (“PUR”) joint compounds for non-pressure connecting plates. It’s rare that the entire system needs to be replaced, but for your peace of mind, we could perform an overhaul of your entire sewer line and pipes if you want.

Damaged Sewer Line

PVC & ABS Sewer Pipe Repair, Replacement

PVC pipes are more flexible than ABS pipes, but the ABS material withstands frigid temperatures. On the other hand, warping of ABS pipes sometimes occurs when exposed to the sun. It can be frustrating trying to decide which of the two to use. If you’re not sure, we’ll recommend PVC for you for now because PVC doesn’t rust like metal pipes, and it’s less of a financial investment. They will last 25-40 years, which is a significant chunk of time.

Orangeburg Sewer Pipe Replacement

Orangeburg pipes were built in homes from circa 1945-1972. The makers meant well, in that they don’t rust. However, this piping, made partially out of layers of paper, only lasted a maximum of 10 years. However, people during this time and possibly earlier used what they had to use during harsh economic times and war shortages. They crush easily, and we can discuss replacement options with you.

Sewer TV Line Inspection ServicesGet a Sewer Camera Inspection Before You Do Anything!

Sometimes, you don’t know what’s wrong with your plumbing system. Most people don’t, and we won’t even know for sure unless we perform tests. The most revolutionary way to spot problems is sewer camera inspections. Sewer cameras can detect tree roots that broke through the pipe’s exterior, a drain indoor or outdoor blocked drain, and objects obstructing your pipelines. For example, you could even have your children’s toys, or your metal jewelry caught in your sewer lines. Once we know the cause, we can take appropriate action.

Trench-less Sewer Services & Repairs

Trench-less sewer services and repairs are a popular new service being provided by plumbers due to their multitude of benefits. For starters, they offer less disruption to your routine, meaning that work will be complete more quickly than other methods. Secondly, if there are roots or metal in the way (which often happens with older pipes), trench-less sewers can get around these blocks without breaking them apart which would lead to access for dirt and sediment into the system.

They’re also reportedly kinder to the environment and requires a whopping 97% less digging. Trench-less sewers are just all-around easier because inspecting them is less invasive. Here we come with our sewer camera and other environmentally friendly tools upon your request.

Sewer Pipe Relining

Sewer piping relining ensures that both the inside and outside of your sewer pipes are preserved. Changes in climate, new chemical introduced into the septic system, and/or animal damage to call for this type of treatment. For more information on when it might be necessary to have your sewer systems lined, please contact us today.

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